Otemachi Riverside Promenade
Emvironmental scroll painting in Nihonbashi River
Emvironmental scroll painting in Nihonbashi River

This 740m long pedestrian promenade along Nihopnbashigawa River has been developed as a substantial portion of the land adjustment project in Otemachi District in the midst of Tokyo. Four primary keywords such as “nature”, “urban”, ”history” and “living” extracted through extensive research of the local environment were applied to create pedestrian space with full of amenity. Natural environment is represented by planting design that enhances functions of the ecological network projected between Imperial Palace and Tokyo Bay Area through Sumida River. Urban environment is represented by several different materials and devices to generate comforts of space including pavement and lighting. Historical environment is represented by those of graphical patterns, mostly quoted from Edo Komon and the historical maps of the area, which applied on pavements and signage. Living environment is represented by a number of cozy and convenient outdoor spaces surrounded with ample amount of green and reserved for lunchtime gathering by office workers in and around of the area. These four categories and elements of the environment along with various activities and phenomena on the promenade have been envisioned in a series of scenes to be visualized as if on a scroll of painting. Also, the entire layout of a winding long linear space was achieved by the design procedure of carefully folding the scroll painting several times to fit the site. All of these designing efforts found ten primary spots of unique features and are giving rhythmical sequence along the long pedestrian promenade.

ADDRESS : Tiyoda-ku,Tokyo
SCALE : 9,120m2
COMPLETION : 2014.03
BUSINESS OWNER : Urban Renaissance Agency