The primary design theme of GINZA SIX GARDEN is a spatial integration of the traditional garden culture of Edo era and the modern urban culture of western style plaza in the contemporary context of a building rooftop located in the middle of Ginza, Tokyo where the East met the West for the first time in Japanese history of physical urban space. The areas representing the garden culture of Edo are a pair of small groves of cherry trees on the north and maple trees on the south in which various seating spaces are prepared for visitor’s comfort and amenity with seasonal attractions of flowers and autumn leaves. Meanwhile, also a pair of flat surfaces of water and grass represents the modern culture of urban public space where a variety of both everyday and seasonal activities are expected to take place. Another characteristic feature is a circulating pathway running along outer periphery of the building that covers across two blocks of Ginza district. As a contemporary analogy of traditional strolling garden, it provides a number of viewpoints on the way of circulation and visitors will find numerous points of interest of their own in and around the downtown Tokyo.

ADDRESS :Chuo-ku, Tokyo
SCALE : 9,080m2
COMPLETION : 2017.04
BUSINESS OWNER :Ginza 6-Chome 10 District Downtown Redevelopment Union
Ginza 6-chome area Urban redevelopment plan design community(KAJIMA CORPORATION, TANIGUCHI and ASSOCIATES) , LPA
AWARD:SEGES, 17th Rooftoop-Green Wall Technology Competition(2018)