Passive Town KUROBE
Passive Town Kurobe Model
Passive Town Kurobe Model

The primary concept of The Passive Town Kurobe Model has been to prepare the condition through which potential and effects of natural environment in the region including water, breeze, sunshine and soils would be maximized. It was realized by architectural layout that introduces cool breeze in summer, ground surfacing by moisture retraining paving material, planting soils of sufficient depth, planting of deciduous trees and cooling effects of small water features. Landscape design in the residential blocks of 1st phase through 3rd provides most of the elements required to realize the overall design concept. Architectural layout open to the surrounding neighbors allows visual transparency through the site and planting of tall deciduous tree creates shady amenity space outside. Pedestrian corridor on the eastern side of the block was integrated with public sidewalk along the street and shallow water surface will bring cooling atmosphere to the residents and visitors. Also, Center Common on the western side of residential blocks serves as a community open space with grass land and a deciduous grove on gently undulation landform. Water streams introduced from the regional network of agricultural irrigation channel turns to be water features attractive to both residents and visitors of the town.

ADDRESS : Kurobe, Toyama
SCALE : 23,900m2
COMPLETION : 2017.06

AWARD:17th Rooftoop-Green Wall Technology Competition(2018), JILA Award(2020),BCS Award(2020)