Hikawa Gardens
The Eight Seasons
The Eight Seasons

THE EIGHT SEASONS IN AKASAKA is the title we have given to this landscape project. This express the concept very clearly that we intend to make this garden as a place where you appreciate delicate
seasonal change of Japanesque andenjoy the dialog with the nature.

To accomplish this concept, we took 3 specific methods.

No.1 is to introduce diverse Japanese vegitation.

No.2 By introducing what we named "GREEN BLOCK", we made it possible to plant big trees in the balconies of 4th floor and up above.

The 3rd method is expressed by the stone work including the way to layout the paving stones. The stones are the perfect material to reflect delicate change of climate and also the growth of plants.

We believe we could create a special Japanese garden by the elements mentioned above(diverse vegitation, stonework which reflects sbtlechanging of the Japanese seasons), not by the symbolic style where you have to follow the strict rules.

ADDRESS : Minato-ku,Tokyo
SCALE : 1,100m2
COMPLETION : 2002.03
BUSINESS OWNER : Pembroke Real Estate
AWARD : 港区みどりのまちづくり賞(2004)