Shikinen Sengu Memorial Park SENGU-KAN
As it has been there so long
As it has been there so long

Segu Museum at the Grand Shrine of Ise, which is designated to exhibit traditional culture and craftsmanship to support the blessed event of Sengu, is located at the side of sacred forest in Toyouke Daijingu or Outer Shrine of Ise. The landscape of the museum was designed and implemented to realize the concepts of promoting architectural existence of the museum by develop-ing its foreground and background within the context that the nature in the precinct of the shrine is fully preserved and even extended to the site to be assimilated into the built space. In order to accomplish this objective, several alternatives for site design was carefully examined in terms of the location of architecture that is directly facing to a body of water. By so doing, visual continuity between the architecture and the nature in the sacred forest through the surface of water has been ensured. Also, ambiguous and loose definition, in a positive sense, of the detail design, such as stone works with dry setting and vegetated earthy bank for the water edging, has been employed. Along with selective and strategic protection of the existing trees on the site, those are contributing to creating the landscape that is observed as it has been there for long time.

ADDRESS : Isesaki, Mie
SCALE : 16,000m2
COMPLETION : 2012.03
BUSINESS OWNER : Jingu Shikinen Sengu Construction Office
AWARD:Award of Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture(2014)

photo : Hayato Wakabayashi