Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall
Landsape for the space of memory
Landsape for the space of memory

Since this national memorial hall has an extremely important mission that commemorates the victims of atomic bomb in Nagasaki during Second World War, celebrates eternal peace of the world and promotes international exchange and communication as well, the landscape in and around of the hall has been required to show the presence of dignity. The site, that is located in Nagasaki Peace Park, is needed to reserve substantial number of parking space for car and tourist buses, and visual relationship between several adjacent architectures had to be adjusted. The landscape design tried to materialize those conditions and constraints into visual environment appropriate to express meaning of the space. Also, in the condition that the most of the architectural volume was buried underground due to the regulation of Urban Park Act, a circular shaped water basin of 40 meter in diameter is surrounded by a tall hedge of evergreen trees in order to generate the sense of a memorial space.

ADDRESS : Nagasaki,Nagasaki
SCALE : 15,390m2
COMPLETION : 2003.03
BUSINESS OWNER : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kyushu Regional Development Bureau
AWARD : GOOD DESIGN AWARD (2004), Building Contractors Society Prize(2005)