ShinPuhKan, Ace Hotel Kyoto
Garden representing the past and present of Kyoto
Garden representing the past and present of Kyoto

Primary design concept of two major gardens is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional sense of urban nature and design expression of its intrinsic values. The inner courtyard on the ground level literally shows traditional sense of space with some of essential garden elements including narrow stream of water which delivers refreshing sound, small mound of earth covered by green representing mountains, and a group of cherry and maple trees for the promised expression of seasonality. Altogether these elements and their composition, the inner courtyard demonstrates a complete integration of garden and architecture, that is another traditional principle of space design in Kyoto. On the other hand, the roof garden on 3rd level facing to the all days dining place provides the guests with an opportunity of unexpected extraordinary experiences. Widely exposed to the sky of rich sunlight and embraced by a wide variety of planting and water feature which illustrates seasonal amenities, this space promote interaction with the nature in the middle of historical urban context.

ADDRESS : Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
SCALE : 25,537m2
COMPLETION : 2020.03
BUSINESS OWNER : NTT Urban Development