St.Margaret’s School

St. Margaret’s School is near Inogashiraonshi Park which is known familiarly in local, and Kanda River runs from Inogashira pond from west to east. The school is located a green high land of top of a cliff line which forms a vale through from south east to north west for the Inogashira pond.


This historical school especially has a lot of maintained green area in this leafy local district. Organizing relationship between existing forest and the new school was required to build the new campus. In a council between the President, principals of each schools and designers, we needed to suggest ideas to maintain the green area effectively with containing identities of the school and Improving an environment in a limited space. And more attractive design was required by replanting.


An aim of a landscape design of this project is that regenerating less-visible environment resources as worthy environment resources by making it visible.


Including architecture planning, making an architecture axis surrounding the existing buildings as a center, making a space connected from the main entrance to the existing courtyard as a space axis connected whole campus organically, and it becomes a connection between buildings and nature.


Also, that development is referred by changes of gradual tree density and pavement materials, and it makes changes human activities and nature appearances.


Especially, an approach from the main entrance to inside of the campus is an important forest which inherits images of the leafy school. A design making possible to maintain the existing forest is needed with an initial destination to grow wider human activities.


Some trees which is overlapped by our plan such as huge zelkova trees are replanted as meaning to inherit traditions. And we made maintaining zelkova trees in the ground come true through many meetings with physical education teachers. Communicating teachers in the traditional school is the best way to share history and future of the school.


BUSINESS OWNER:St.Margaret’s School