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Ocean scale versus Site scale
Ocean scale versus Site scale

The site is located in Kamogawa city southern mountain area where the city has developed as a core of educational and cultural district. Mountain and valley landform were reclaimed, and evergreen forest was carved. The site is innermost in the district, and you can see Pacific Ocean in an easterly direction. Regarding the architectural plan, relation between approach from central city and impressive viewpoint was studied. With minimum change of the landform, architecture was designed respecting the site characteristics. Landscape architectural challenge here was how to adjust a relation between newly built architecture and view to the ocean, broad reclaimed land , exiting slope forest.
Lawn mound, gabions are used as our design vocabulary, and rubble stones were paved in a large area. All the landscape materials were employed to meditate between the site and surrounding ocean.

ADDRESS : Kamogawa,Chiba
SCALE : 106,000m2
COMPLETION : 2006.03
BUSINESS OWNER : Josai International University